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It's all about combining the industries under one roof.
We're a house that offers full-service for events and brands in PR, Marketing & Production.

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About House Of Industries

We strive to make the experience of an event count! House Of Industries is specialized in creating innovative, sophisticated and well-remembered concepts for creative agencies and for individuals as well. We have built new & effective ways to promote your brand or event and bring it to a higher level.

Our services are divided into four rooms: Each room represents a different strategy, tactical approach & industry.

Room of Elevation

House Of Industries presents a new and effective system to boost events, brands and creative concepts, leveraging their existing marketing campaigns. Our Room of Elevation is all about online marketing, creating content and building a brand that carries out the mission, vision and looks of your desires!

Are you ready to boost your online/offline marketing campaign? In need of help on your ticket sales? Just want to try something new? Or looking into different options for your brand promotions? Contact us and let’s have a chat what’s possible!

Room of Creativity

Is your brand ready to be represented at a major festival or event? House Of Industries is committed to bring your brand to life. We strategize, conceptualize, design & develop a concept that fits your brand and let it exceed all expectations. House Of Industries is the intermediary between your brand and festival organizations. We specialize in all phases of an event. From pre-production to post production, we will create an experience the audience will never forget.

Room of Independence

We've built a database of young professionals that are essential to your event! Our network of stage-managers, sound engineers, light engineers, runners, volunteers, etc. are ready to support you. House Of Industries will take care of all the administration, briefings, invoices & contracts. One invoice for all your professionals. This way you can focus on the more important details!

Room of Creation

We believe an event is more than just a gathering. We'd like to give the audience a real experience. An experience that counts, regardless of type or size of the event. House Of Industries is a full-service agency for all kinds of events. From idea to production and from concept to experience! We're specialized in conferences, brand activation, weddings, major public events, social gatherings, private dinners, fundraisers, product launches, concerts and many more


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